Why Northernland?

Our Vision

Choosing a Home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make, your biggest purchase too
NorthernLAND is one of the most rapidly growing development companies in North Cyprus, building stylish and original homes within mind for your contentment. The company exclusively offers originally designed properties on the premium locations in historical Famagusta, Iskele, popular Bogaz, Kyrenia and unspoiled Karpaz regions aimed at local and International market. The company operates at the cutting edge of property development in North Cyprus. NorthernLand brings a fresh approach to creating your living environment.
NorthernLand cares for potential and existing customers offering information and after-sales service. NorthernLand hopes to provide all the reasons why you should choose one of our homes
So why NorthernLand?
Guarantee a Return on Investment:  We reassure y that you have made the right choice when purchasing from NorthernLand in North Cyprus. As well as a great holiday home it will also be a great investment with a very good monthly income. For future details for purchasing procedures we recommend you to read the ‘Buyer’s Guide’.
Inspection Visits: As your investment is very important to us we will offer the chance for yourself and your partner to carry out an off peak inspection with 25% off air fares with a three day stay to allow you to visit our projects in order to make the right choice. On purchasing one of our properties NorthernLand will refund the full Cost of the inspection trip.
Reassurance of Purchasing from a UK and Cyprus Based Company: Should you have any doubts about investing overseas, then we welcome the opportunity of meeting with you at our UK or Cyprus based offices, to allow us to reassure you that you have made the right choice. We are always available whenever you need us.
Should your investment be purely for financial purposes we can recommend very good house management and letting agency.
Money Back Guarantee: On the day of completion, should you not be entirely happy with your villa, we guarantee to purchase back the property at the full purchase price.
  • We will give you a full introduction to surrounding areas.
  • We have show houses available for viewing.
  • We have a qualified and professional English speaking solicitor on hand.
  • Interior advice for purchasing furniture, electrical goods and all other needs.
  • We are confident that we can find a home to suit your needs.
  • Ten years structural guarantee
  • Five year guarantee on all exterior paintwork.
White Goods and Furniture: We are happy to offer high quality White Goods by known brands and stylish Furniture and also interior design support. All this is done for our customers’ content. The company is not making profit on white goods (which is usually a washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, oven, extractor/hood over the oven).
High Quality Materials: In our constructions we use only high quality materials-whether it is natural marble or ceramic tiles, pressed wood or granite. Our customers have an opportunity to choose materials, textures and colours out of an extensive range. We consider their preferences and desires.
Thought-to-Detail Approach: As we are building homes and most of our marketing comes from customers’ recommendations, we apt for a long-lasting result and are thinking for the future, giving 10-years structural guarantee; providing built-in AC and Central Heating Infrastructure for the convenience of our customers. NorthernLand boasts consistent quality, customer care and after-sales service.
Professional Staff: NorthernLand is proud of its professional and experienced staff: architects and engineers, the building team, marketing and sales representatives, accountants, secretaries.
Flexible Payment Plans: Our accounting department work out convenient payment options for you: paying up front or in instalments, within a building period or in a mortgage system. All these details will be pointed out in the contract, drawn by the customer’s lawyer.
Warranty: We are proud of the quality of our construction and materials, design, building and plastering work and do provide a 10 year structural guarantee, as well as a 5 year guarantee on all exterior paintwork .
Separate Title Deeds for Each Property: Is a must for any worthwhile company. NorthernLand reassures its customers of a stress free purchase. Each property has a separate title deed before being marketed.
NorthernLand is a member of TRNC Constructors and Builders Association and is approved by the Home Buyers Pressure Group.  For more information please go to TRNC Prime Ministry Property Information Office.