Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architecture and Civil Engineering Department

For years we have always strived to be the best with a team of highly dynamic, creative and versatile architects that have put their signature to many outstanding projects. Working in harmony and cohesion has proved successful while in turn covering and going over any anticipated problems which may occur during the first stages of drawing up project drawings and plans.

Our Vision

Our clients’ needs and dreams are coupled with our vision and experience in making everything functional and liveable while still creating a dream.  Our goal is to create designs that are long lasting, realistic, functional and real.

Project Services

The Clients’ Needs

Most importantly, the client must make it clear as to what it is they envisage and require. All will be done, within a realistic framework as all decisions will be made together.

The Location

After meetings have been carried out and decisions have been made the plot of land is viewed.

Design and Architectural Project

3D designs are drawn up under the guidance of measurement scales and given criteria from the clients. If accepted, permits are gained and everything goes forward.

Static, Mechanic and Electrical Projects

At this stage the actual building, plumbing works and central heating-cooling  system are determined and prepared. Our architects and civil engineers working  in harmony no detail goes overlooked and the overall costs are taken down to a minimum.