Message from Director

The NorthernLand Group has been working in North Cyprus since its start in 2003 and has always prided itself on being at the frontier of exemplary and innovative client service.

Shortly after its establishment, NorthernLand became one of the most successful companies in Cyprus and soon gained public trust. They have not rested on their laurels during their successful rise but have constantly been seeking perfection and to achieve the most beautiful.

The company has achieved success and is working to assure that its experience and success will allow it to compete with companies not only in North Cyprus but also worldwide. It is always striving to develop the standards of its construction sector to world standards.

It has always favoured teamwork and, of course, NorthernLand can be seen to work strongly as a team. Openness and honesty to its clients has always been the byword for NorthernLand as it aims to do the right thing in the right place and time. In its search for perfection the Company has aimed to increase its clients’ quality of life and to allow them to realise their dreams in the most dependable way possible. Combining clients’ ideas with those of the Company, but never compromising on quality, the aim is to provide a life of quality in a new home. This attention to detail has resulted in an increasing demand from new clients that also results in their satisfaction. The main motivation for and the key to NorthernLand’s success is this client satisfaction that has resulted in trust in this dependable Company.

The aim of NorthernLand is to keep its promise of a offering a Life of Quality to its clients without compromising its standards or principles which has resulted in the name of NorthernLand becoming known worldwide.

I would like to thank all our supportive team and clients for their trust.


Koral Bozkurt