NorthernLand Premier

For those who’d like to ascend in life...

The Architect of Prestigious Life
NorthernLand Construction, the architect of pioneer projects is signing another prestigious project in Northern Cyprus

Sunrise and sunshine has never been this pleasant

NorthernLand Premier is positioned on 9350 m2 of Turkish title land and consists of 314 flats and 18 commercial units as a 24-storey residence project. The project has the distinction of being the highest building of Northern Cyprus with a height of 80 metres.
There are studios, 1+1,2+1,3+1, penthouse flats and 4 types of commercial units in the project.

Right in the Heart of Famagusta

NorthernLand Premier is a precious investment that not only gives great opportunities to its investors with its location, stylish design, contemporary architecture and being Turkish Title but also is the only address to turn your investment into opportunities and your life into privilege.

You have never been this much closer to the stars

NorthernLand Premier was designed with the inspiration taken by the lines of the future and today's most innovative and extraordinary perspectives. With its distinction of being the highest building of Northern Cyprus with 24-storey, the project meets with you as an impressive combination of creativity and perfection that offers a contemporary architecture and a prestigious life with minimalist style.
Social Life
NorthernLand Premier provides prestigious living opportunities with its social living spaces. Outdoor/indoor swimming pools, children playground and 7/24 safety control provide safe living space.

Beyond Your Expectations
NorthernLand Premier provides all you need for making your life a lot easier and offers a prestigious life. The project is disabled friendly and it provides services like closed parking lot and a reception to increase your comfort under a single structure. It is possible to access the closed parking lot easily from the flats.

Precise Service
NorthernLand Premier fulfills your expectations down to the last detail under a single structure. Housekeeping services, central generator, maintenance and repair services will be provided instantly for making your life easier.

A Window to the Blue
The sky and the peerless blue of the sea... When you open your window, the most charming shades of blue are right in front of you. You won't be able to take your eyes off Famagusta while living in a space that makes you feel safe and at peace.

Northernland Premier, a center of an innovative perspective and high expectations, is the best address for turning your investment into profit, and your life into privilege.
NorthernLand Premier makes your life more pleasant by offering comfort and esthetics integrated with detailed architectural designs.

Your Life
Your house is two steps away from We designed a living space which is suitable for everyone's life quality and a place for feeling unique at all ages.

Penthouse 3+1

163 m2 - Net Alan: 121 m2

3+1 Plan

128 m2 - Net Alan: 101 m2

2+1 Plan

102 m2 - Net Alan: 81 m2

1+1 Plan

79 m2 - Net Alan: 60 m2

Studio Plan

39 m2 - Net Alan: 31 m2

Commercial Areas



  • Enormous number of options at ceramic tiles at the floors
  • Composite and jumbo size glass facade
  • Central water system
  • Central internet system
  • Central hydrophore system
  • Central generator system
  • Central satellite system
  • Air conditioner infrastructure
  • Car parking
  • Air conditioner (EXTRA)




Our Location

Life in Famagusta: Ancient Famagusta is known as the city of culture, arts and tourism with many kinds of international activities and magnificent beaches.

  • In Touch with Sea and Nature
  • A real miracle of nature and a great port city Famagusta has witnessed the most mysterious stories of the Mediterranean. Famagusta is well known for its rich, dynamic and tranquil city life.
  • Famagusta is located in the heart of Mediterranean and the city offers a living in touch with the sea and the nature. Famagusta also serves great opportunities for sea sports.