Health Care

Health Care in North Cyprus

Health Care in North Cyprus

The standard and availability of medical care in North Cyprus is high and this always seems to be a pleasant surprise for visitors and expatriates.

There are a number of private clinics and hospitals as well as state run surgeries and emergency medical facilities; there are also care homes and a wide choice or well equipped dentist surgeries and opticians.  Furthermore the cost of receiving medical treatment in Northern Cyprus is far from exorbitant.

The treatment people have received in North Cyprus for every complaint from a head ache to cancer, from car crash injuries to emergency dental treatment the medical care in North Cyprus has been at least as good as ‘back home’, in some cases better, always far cheaper than expected and of a very high standard with excellent equipment used and qualified staff always available.

All main cities like Famagusta, Kyrenia, Morphou and Nicosia has own hospitals that run by state.

In an emergency the number to call for an ambulance in North Cyprus is 112, alternatively make your way to the nearest hospital or health care clinic for immediate treatment…no one will be refused emergency care whether they have the financial means to pay for it or not.

Health insurance is not compulsory in Northern Cyprus at the moment although the government has been discussing plans to implement a compulsory scheme, the proceeds from which would have go to improve the medical facilities across the island.

Useful contact numbers are:

Ambulance: 112
Kyrenia Hospital: +90 392 815 2266
Nicosia Hospital:+90 392 228 5441
Famagusta Hospital: +90 392 366 2876
Guzelyurt Hospital: +90 392 714 2125

Pharmacies in North Cyprus are well known for selling almost every single prescription drug you can think of (and then some) over the counter!  They also sell pills and potions for your four legged friends so that you can avoid vets visits for basic things such as flea and tick treatments.  The cost of medicine is again far cheaper than you pay in the UK or Germany.