Living In North Cyprus

What could be better than basking in the Northern Cyprus glorious sunshine. With it's year round sunny climate, making it an ideal place to visit every season. If it's a relaxing holiday you have in mind or a more adventurous one, quite simply, there are lots of activities you can get envolved in to keep the family entertained. North Cyprus is well known for it's great hospitality, slow pace of life and good value for money that keeps you coming back for more. This beautiful Island has tranquil sandy beaches that stretch for miles, along the unspoilt Northern Cyprus coastline. If you are truly yearning for somewhere to connect with your inner self, you have come to the right place. Just looking at the wondrous views of the mountains from various directions of North Cyprusgives you a great sense of peace. Keep in touch with nature with beautiful views that give a great sense of  calm and tranquility and wether it's a busy tourist filled beach you are looking for or a remote spot where you can sit and enjoy a book. Simply relax gazing out into the crystal clear blue sea, where you may just happen on some turtles. These endangered creatures have made the northern coastline their natural habitat. There is most certainly a secluded spot for all. Ancient sites and numerous traditional restaurants and bars are dotted around North Cyprus.
        Places to see :
        For those who have a great love for History, why not visit these centuries old sites:
  • Salamis Ampitheatre ancient ruins situated along the Famagusta coastline
  • St.Barnabus Monastery in Tuzla
  • The great historical walls (Surrounding part of Famagusta)
  • St.Hilarion Castle in Girne, Kantara and Girne Castle.
        Family Activities:
  • Go-karting
  • Paintball
  • Horse riding
  • Cinema
  • Ice-skating
  • Bowling
  • Water Parks
  • Boat Trips
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Water-skiing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Camping
  • Cycling
Simply ask for a Tourist Information Guide brochure or for more information at your hotel or place of residence, where staff will be keen to help. You will find most activities in the main areas of North Cyprus such as Famagusta  and Kyrenia.
Folk Dancing Festival:
Enjoy the local festivities, usually held at a specific time of the year. Here Fun Fairs are held with various stalls selling Arts and Crafts and local Delicacies. Watch traditional Folk Dancing, participated by local Turkish Cypriots and European countries.
Nature Lovers:
Why not explore the North Cyprus countryside, where you will find an array of wild flowers. In spring, the land is covered in a lush green. Take a gentle walk on the wild side in North Cyprus, watch the beauty of the butterflies as they flutter by. Migrating birds love North Cyprus. Combine this influx of visitors with unique native species, and a bird watching holiday in North Cyprus becomes a must.Wild donkeys live in a stunning, ragged landscape that is bordered by wonderful beaches. Irresistible for nature lovers, but don't get too close to the donkeys; their bad temper is legendary!
North Cyprus Water Sports:
From water skiing, to bouncing around on a banana ride, the warm waters of the Mediterranean around North Cyprus are a water sports playground you'll really enjoy.
Golf in North Cyprus
Golf in North Cyprus is a very popular sporting activity on the island, the nearest golfing course is located in Kyrenia.
North Cyprus Paragliding
Soar like a bird from the stunning Kyrenia Mountains down to the coast of North Cyprus. Paragliding in North Cyprus is the way all paragliding should be exciting and affordable.