Property Management and Maintenance

Our vision

As Northerland Construction, we strive for complete clientele satisfaction as we provide every kind of upkeep and repair works with an experienced and professional team who are on call 24 hours a day.

Technical Services

Our experienced and highly qualified team are ready to deal with all sorts of waterworks plumbing, electrical issues on demand at any hour of the day. Our work is carried out with the utmost care and is carried out with the knowledge that our clients trust, care and are satisfied with what we have to offer them.

Pools Service

Our team are firm believers of strict hygiene and carry out their services with this main goal in mind. We don’t allow any of our customers of their children to put their health at risk. With this philosophy in mind, our experienced team are ready to deal with any pool cleaning or service if and when required.

Garden Design and Upkeep

We believe that a garden is one of the most important living areas and keeping in mind our country’s climate we are ready to create your dream. Our professional and experienced staff are ready to meet every kind of need you may have with regard to your dream garden.

House Keeping

We are trustworthy, hardworking and believe that every little detail matters. It is with this in mind that our staff are ready to please our clientele or customers.